Is motivation more important than equipment or marketing?

It’s easy to think podcasting is all about equipment and marketing but in my experience, it’s also about motivation.

Don’t kid yourself. Life’s ups and down’s can have more impact on your show than a dodgy mic, slow audience growth or a guest not showing up.

The thing that killed most of my attempts was plain and simply that my heart wasn’t in the project.

It’s easy to convince ourselves or get excited about your “latest project” but do you really believe in it or are you kidding yourself?

Typically people say, “be passionate about your project and go for it”. But there is only so much you can do before the reality comes out.

If you’re heart isn’t in a project. Move on. You won’t sustain it.

That’s why understanding and monitoring motivation is going to be a key part of this project.

As I write this it’s Monday night on the first evening back since Christmas. It’s dark, it’s raining and it’s not exactly inspiring conditions. Yet the fact I’m writing this is a good sign that so far this could be a good project to work on.

What keeps you going when things aren’t going well or if you’ve had a bad day at work?

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