How not to get old and boring


I’m a former news editor and radio broadcaster and I’m looking for guests for a podcast project.

I’m hoping to reach multiple people who I can weave into one great story about individuals who had a midlife “moment” which changed their lives and made them decide to never get old and boring.

It’ll sound like a BBC or NPR programme rather than a series of long interviews.

Do you know of any great storytellers (including you!) who instead of gradually getting old and boring as society seems to expect, refused to follow the norm and started a whole new life or took up some activity normally considered for young people?

I’m looking for people who made that change and have now been doing it for 4+ years.

I’d love to hear of any thoughts you have to see if it might fit in with the show?

I recorded a video promo. Do let me know by filling out the form below the video or emailing me at

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