Can I learn how to make the perfect podcast advert?

International marketing firm versus solo podcaster?

There’s a big difference right.

But is it still possible for us independent podcasters to learn from there? It might seem a bit far fetched.

I mean, if you count the number of people in the average podcast production team you’ll get to a figure on one!

And if you walk into the offices of a major advertising firm you’ll find designers, producers, creative directors coming out of every door.

So, we are not in the same league right? But having studied advertisers for the past two weeks and in particular a chap by the name of Ogilvy, I think there is a lot we can learn…. and I’m going to try and put his techniques into practice to promote my podcast.

In this episode, I’m sharing my research as always and putting things to the test to find out what really works.

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