Are there other ways to make money from podcasting?

A bite-sized episode looking at alternative ways to make money from podcasting and whether you change your podcast to a news style format.

Business Insider Australia:-

Reuters report:-

Someone reached out to me on Twitter the other day and said about how to increase listeners, which is something I’m working and studying at the moment, but also how to get more advertising revenue.

And this got me thinking because when I was on YouTube, I was getting about $400USD a year. Which is not exactly enough to live on!

And then I read this article from Business Insider Australia, about two podcasters, two podcasts shows that are going out, that are making money from Patreon. One.. I think they’re earning $6,000 USD a month. The other $1300USD.

One is called “Boonta Vista”. The other one is called “A Rational Fear”.

And it was really interesting because what they’ve done is that they’ve really listened to their listeners and then they’ve delivered that and then people have wanted to give them money.

So they’re not “upselling”. They’re not doing anything like that. They are literally just delivering the content that people want and people they want to support that. There are loads more details in that article. I’ve done another separate video, a longer one on YouTube with more details as well.

All the links, of course, in this social media update.

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