Can I book better and better guests? (special)

So here’s the problem.

A lot of the same guests go on a lot of the SAME shows and deliver basically the SAME interview to the SAME people. 

It’s boring for listeners and while it helps podcasters grow their audience within that “bubble” a bit, it’s not going to be as effective as getting good original guests.

So what do we need to do to get good original content?

To some extent that comes down to the guests to say something original but it also comes down to us to pick the right guests and I found one man who is doing just that and so I invited him on the show.

Mike Fisher lives in LA and has a creative podcast called “Anyway Whatever”. You might think being in LA all he has to do is open his door and creative guests pour in but that’s not the case so what’s his secret?

This is the second of a special series called “Cracking the Podcast Code” in which I interview a podcaster who is doing ONE thing exceptionally well.

It could be content, social media, getting guests, any “one” thing.


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