If advertising doesn’t work, is there another way?


Over the next 45 minutes or so in this special episode, I think you are going to find some really useful answers to the question of how to get guests that are based not one wild claims designed to get you to buy a course but on real world success…. and spectaclar failures.

So what you’re about to hear are proven techniques tested with real podcasts in the real world.

As you know if you follow this show regularly I’ve been trying to test the theory that you can buy podcast listeners with adverts. In my case, I tested the myth that you could ask people to subscribe to your show with targetted Facebook ads. It was a resounding failure but what I found was actually something much nuance and frankly more clever.

What you are about to hear might throw up some new techniques for you or even if you have thought of them before some new emphasis and perspective on how to get them to work.

You’ll hear from 3 pannelists.

Phil Better from Invest in yourself

Micheal Liddicoat from Dissecting the Deal

And Tommy Outdors from Toomy outdoors.

There is so much in this episode, that even though I’ve edited it. I’m still picking out ideas.


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