The most important question to ask in order to make a successful podcast

Phase 02 : Episode 1 – The first question to ask when designing a new podcast

The first question to ask when working out how to make a successful podcast?

Before you even start producing a podcast or recording anything, in order to work out how to make a successful podcast, the best thing to do is to put all your equipment away and get out your laptop instead.

From my research there are around eight questions that help you determine how to make a successful podcast. The first of these is probably the most important.

S02 E01 : The most important question you can ask when creating a podcast

It’s the question “why?” Why are you doing this? Before you rush off thinking, “I know that!!!” just pause for a moment.

Is the reason you have in your head something to do with marketing or promotion?

Ok, no problem. Do you know how many sales you need to make or how many people you would need to connect with to make your podcast a success?

If what you have in your mind is a vague idea of this being for marketing then don’t worry as that is how most people start.

The problem is when you search the internet for reasons to make a podcast you find lots of vague but powerful sounding promises. You can build a network they say, or turn listeners into friends. The reasons all build on your excitement rather than prepare you for success. I’ve fallen into this trap several times.

if you don’t come up with clear goals, all you’ll have to carry you through will be a vague enthusiasm that will quickly vanish during the early stages when no one is listening

The reality is these reasons are almost valueless as a starting point. It’s like saying, if you go into business you could make a million dollars. If I said that, you first question would be, ok but how. It needs to be the same with podcasting.

So forget everything you have read. Instead think about this. The only reasons that matter at the start of making a podcast are yours.

If a podcast is not going to deliver on YOUR goals then cancel your order for that microphone and save your money right now. Because if you don’t come up with clear goals, all you will have to carry you through will be an enthusiasm based on nothing bur vague dreams. This enthusiasm will vanish very quickly during those early stages when no one is listening to your show.

So we need to ask the question why do “I” want to make a podcast?

If you have 14 minutes click play on the episode above. I’ll take you through a tutorial and some of the steps I have learnt studying other podcasters. You can do the whole thing as you listen to the episode.

If your goal is to fix a podcast that isn’t working or develop one that is going to work, then this episode should help.

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