How to use Amazons business model to grow a podcast audience

Phase 02 : Episode 2 (special)  – How to use Amazon’s business model to grow a podcast audience

How can we use Amazon’s business model to grow a podcast audience?

It might seem a strange comparison to make but Amazon can indeed teach us something about how to grow a podcast audience.

Amazon’s growth wasn’t an accident.

S02 E02 (special) : How to use Amazon’s business model to grow a podcast audience

When you look back at the history of the company you can see how a razor sharp focus on their customer’s needs was a big factor in their growth. It might seem obvious now but who could have predicted Amazon’s success at the time.

This same focus should be able to help us grow our podcast audience too.

To do this we need to ask what do our “customers”, in our case or our podcast listeners, really want?

In the early days of Amazon, the executives identified these core things as “cheap prices” and a “huge selection”.

These were also crucially things that were never likely to change. People will always want cheap price, right? I do!

They realised that providing they delivered these core things, the rest didn’t really matter.

So how as podcasters can we work out what these core things are to our audience?

Noah Kagan did an excellent bit of research in his YouTube show. He pointed to a Youtuber called Mr Beast.

Mr Beast studies the data from his own videos to see what people react to and then reproduces those same “core” things in the next video he makes.

That doesn’t mean he makes the same topic but it does mean it has the same “core” elements, such as laughter, people taking part in challenges and huge prizes.

Just like Amazon, the “core stuff” stays the same, the rest doesn’t matter.

So his team watch what people “watch”, when they drop off, what they react to and what they don’t like.

Amazon call it the virtuous circle. How can we use Amazon’s laser focus on what their customers want to help us grow a podcast audience

That data is then used to produce the next video.

That video is then analysed to look for the core themes again. Then the next video is made. Each time improving a bit more on the one before.

It starts what Amazon calls the “virtuous circle”.

If you like, think of it as a flywheel getting faster and faster.

In this special podcast episode and video, I look at these principles in more detail and ask how we could apply them to grow a podcast audience.


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