Former news editor, news radio reporter, radio news anchor, political communications consultant and now WordPress techie.

20 years ago I was a journalist…

…but since then things have changed.

I thought I had what it took to make a hit podcast but despite several attempts they’ve all floundered.

The thing is the world has changed and the techniques of old clearly don’t work anymore. At least not for an independent podcaster doing it for fun as a hobby while also holding down a busy, full-time day job.

So is it actually possible to still make a hit podcast in the 2020’s on a laptop/home PC while managing an intense day job? Can you or I still actually compete with the big production houses?

I’ve decided to give it a go and document the process.

Of course I can try to call on some of skills I had years ago but I suspect the only thing of any value is going to be knowing a bit about editing. Making a hit podcast show I think is going to be a totally different ball game.

I was going to quit podcasting forever in 2019 but I’ve decided to try it one last time.

I want to see if it’s possible to go from being a disillusioned and fed up podcaster to the maker of a hit podcast like NPR* from your home in the 2020’s.

*NPR is short for “National Public Radio” in the United States. The teams there have developed a style of podcasting which is so addictive the shows are listened to by millions of people. From NPR’s teams have come massive hits like Serial, S-Town and This American Life. Former staff members also set up “Gimlet” which was acquired by Spotify for a big sum of money in 2019. These people know how to make podcasts you just can’t stop listening too.

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