Richard Midson is a former news editor, broadcaster, journalist, YouTuber and founder of the Can I Make A Hit Podcast project.

Who is Richard?

Richard is the founder of the Can I Make a Hit Podcast project.

He is a ……

  • Former news editor and journalist for the second largest news organisation in the UK.
  • The main drivetime anchor on live rolling news radio for several years on LBC News.
  • Former communications officer in European politics
  • Former YouTuber behind an aviation show with over 1.6 million views
  • Podcaster
  • WordPress techie.

What is this project all about?

Richard uses his journalistic past to study the “science” behind podcasting.

After a number of failed attempts and the realisation that he was not alone when it came to “podfade”, Richard set out on a mission to find out why so much of the podcast advice out there didn’t seem to work.

He now studies the best podcasters and their techniques and then tests what he finds to see how anyone can apply it.

He focuses on four key areas. Building an audience, making production easier, making podcasts have more impact and the hacks and tricks that succesful podcasters use that you don’t find in online articles.

Richard tests everything. He is one of the few podcasters who smiles when the audience goes down!

To follow Richard’s work, subscribe to the podcast, invite him to come and talk or book him for a chat.

I have made too many mistakes over the years. I followed the hype and I lost a lot of money doing that. I set this project up to find out what really works.

Richard Midson