Confronting podfade head on

The reality is if you start a podcast, you are likely to stop after 8-10 episodes. Don’t think it’ll happen to you? Then just check the statistics. So how do you stop it?

I’m on a mission to make a hit podcast which is sustainable along with a full time job, with no production company or support. Can it be done.

In this episode I’m starting with tackling a problem I’ve dealt with myself multiple times.

I want you to avoid podfade. Join me as I start to investigate the solution.

Is motivation more important than equipment or marketing?

It’s easy to think podcasting is all about equipment and marketing but in my experience, it’s also about motivation. Don’t kid yourself. Life’s ups and down’s can have more impact on your show than a dodgy mic, slow audience growth or a guest not showing up. The thing that killed most of my attempts wasContinue reading “Is motivation more important than equipment or marketing?”