Point of the week:
An unsustainable show with 400 listeners will soon have none.
A sustainable show with 200 listeners will still have 200 listeners

The science of making podcasts
that work

Did you know 92% of podcasts fail?

I have quit 5 of them.

As a result, in 2020 I decided to use my past as a news editor and journalist to begin an evidence based study of podcasting.

I now want to share what I found with you.

My key focus is on audience growth, making production easier, making podcasts that have more impact and the hacks and tricks succesful podcasters use that you don’t find in online articles.

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In each episode, research and tutorials based on what successful podcasters do


The project has grown since it’s inception, now covering public talks (virtual/physical) and workshops


Sharing ideas and discussing podcast projects one on one in business, politics and more

At the Institute of Economic Affairs, UK

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Why this project?

92% of podcasters quit before their 10th episode! Many vloggers find it too hard. Why?

If the internet was to be believed it should be easy to connect with people and make hit shows?

The CanIMakeAHitPodcast project is on a mission to find out what actually works.

There are plenty of theories and myths out there. We’re putting them to real world tests to see whats missing and how to make it work.

You can then find out the results constantly throughout the week, in the regular podcasts, constant videos tips and now at events (virtual/real) in talks, workshops and seminars.

Join the research and test theories too.

The “Can I Make a Hit Podcast” is on a mission to stop is a podcast about finding out what really works in the real world.

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