Panel show

“Podcast Techniques proven to work”


Thanks for your interest.

Would you like to join a panel of podcasters for a short Zoom discussion in which we share our experiences of a topic related to podcasting? The idea is to share ideas amongst ourselves but also with viewers on YouTube and in a podcast.

The overall aim is to help new and experienced podcasters with real practical stories of experiments tried on podcasting to see if it really works in the 2020’s.

It’ll be a chance to reach a variety of podcasters with news of your own show of course, but also to help the podcasting community at large with your experiences.

What it’ll be like
  1. 15 minute show (aprx)
  2. Recorded live in video for YouTube
  3. Edited to 10 mins max for video. An extended version for podcast
  4. The format will be a “chaired” roundtable.
  5. Each guest will share their story of what they tried and how they tried it and provide evidence to show what happened in the for of results or figures or data.
Get in touch (if we’ve not spoken already)

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