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Following up

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Thank you so much again for joining me to be interviewed for the public speaking podcast.

I’m now filling out the website with the details of all the speakers and I would like to get as much useful information on there as possible.

Could you share a link with the following information, or let me know what I should include so I describe you accurately?

Feel free to email me back on the email I sent.

Thank you again for taking part in this project and I’m looking forward to getting this all out there.

  1. A biography link I can reference when I write the show notes.
  2. A profile pic of you speaking or looking like a speaker, which is as high quality as you can. At least 1000×1000 but ideally as big as possible.
  3. The country you would say you are “based” in just in case I assume wrong!
  4. What would you say you are known for as a speaker in no more than 2 words E.g. “Relationships – work”, “Social media”, “Futurist”. 
  5. Up to 4 titles of your main talks
  6. What is your credibility statement in a max of 8 words E.g. “global keynote speaker on X”, “Former Olympic athlete”, “I turned around Coca Cola’s fortunes”. In other words, why ‘you’ in a short sentence?
  7. What languages do you give talks in?
  8. Which of the following are your primary market. No more than 3. Categories:- Corporates, Associations, Education, Non-profits, Religious, Government
  9. And finally social media links you want to share

Warm regards,