Public Speaker Show

The Public Speaker Show

“A show….. and a test”


Thank you so much for your interest in the public speaking podcast.

This aim of this show is to go behind the scenes of public speaking. It’s a chance for speakers to tell their story.

For speaking guests, I hope it will act as a way to show off what makes them tick to anyone looking to find out more about them. For people looking to get into the industry, I hope it will act as an inspiration. 

Each episode will be almost identical with the same topic areas. The actual questions may vary slightly.

  1. (pre interview) What is the key message for your introduction?
  2. (opener) Tell us one short story from your main talk that stands out on it’s own, that grabs people when you tell it. Roughly 2-3 minutes. The idea is to hook listeners in right at the start of the podcast and demonstrate your engaging style. 
  3. Why do you think that story grabs people so much?
  4. Why did you come up with this topic? How did you end up picking it? What is the story of how you ended up with this talk topic?
  5. How did you get started in speaking? What was the moment when it all started?
  6. Take us back to the biggest success in your speaking career. What happened? What did it mean to you?
  7. How does speaking fit into your business? What else do you do? How does it complement it? Consultancy, other work? Etc. How does it act in your sales/marketing funnel
  8. Who do you market your talk to and how did you identify this market?
  9. What is the biggest mistake you think you made early on with building your public speaking business?
  10. Which are best:- keynotes, workshops, seminars and why for you?
  11. How has “virtual” changed what you do? How did you adapt to it?
  12. What has been the biggest disaster you have had as a speaker (outside of COVID) as you got more experienced and how did you overcome it? Take us back to that moment where it all happened and what you learnt in that moment.
  13. What bit of advice would you give to yourself if you were starting today?
  14. Sum up what you offer and why people should book you?
  15. How can people get in touch?

As you can see there are quite a few topics. So the interview will be quite fast paced with roughly 2-3 minutes per answer.

Just as a recap, there are two main reasons for making this show. 

One is to make an engaging podcast but the second is that it forms part of the research for the “Can I Make a Hit Podcast” project. You are on that website right now. In the project I study and test podcasting theories in the search for a “scientific” approach to podcasting. 

I’ll be presenting the findings from this show in both the podcast that goes with the project and in talks to the Professional Speakers Association of the Netherlands who are helping me make this show. I hope the research will help other public speakers with their own podcast projects.

I do hope this all sounds of interest and I very much look forward to hearing from you.

If you would like to take part, please do email me on or via the method we originally made contact through.