Research and tutorials based on studying successful podcasters

How podcasters design shows to make money
Is it true that all podcasts that try to make money fail. If you read social media you might that it was scientific fact …
How to use Amazons business model to grow a podcast audience
Amazon have always been good at identifying what customers wanted from them and most importantly what they would always want from them. Can we …
The most important question to ask in order to make a successful podcast
What is the first question you need to ask when developing a new podcast? Before you even start producing a podcast or recording anything, …
6 stories to grow your podcast this week
6 stories this week that reveal how we can build and promote our podcasts. From YouTube videos, to audience feedback, to developing your personality, …
Modelling successful podcasters and other news
Dissecting how one top podcaster does it plus, how to hyper target a specific audience, one secret of turning a podcast into a public …
Should you be on Clubhouse? and more…
Podcast news you can use this week. Should you be on Clubhouse? It is time to give up pre-recorded podcasting? How Google could help …
Could you turn your podcast into a great talk?
Could you turn your podcast into a great public talk? This week we find out how to do it from event organiser and speaker, …
A public speaker helps podcasters get into public speaking
Can I deliver a pitch to conference organisers that is good enough to get an opportunity to speak?
Podcast Public Speaking (step2)
Can I deliver a pitch to conference organisers that is good enough to get an opportunity to speak?
If advertising doesn’t work, is there another way?
I'm still digesting this episode. There was so much in it. Basically "real world" proven ways to get listeners and also what not to …
Can I use public speaking to promote my podcast?
Can I promote my podcast with public speaking? Will it work? I'm testing it.
Can I book better and better guests? (special)
Can I get better and better guests? Mike Fisher is an awesome podcaster and so I invited him on my new thread "Cracking the …
Can I avoid podfade?
Can I avoid podfade? You know where people give up after making only 8-10 episodes? How do you avoid that. Mike Winter has been …
Can I use Facebook ads to promote my podcast?
The test: Can you get people to listen to your podcast using Facebook ads on a limited budget? Yes or no?
Can I create a podcast advert using international marketing techniques?
I've set a goal to increase my podcast listenership by 50% with advertising. But will advertising achieve that or is advertising a total waste …
Are there other ways to make money from podcasting?
Update: Research into alternative ways to make podcast moneys and whether a news format could boost your listenership
Can I learn how to make the perfect podcast advert?
Can I use the techniques of international advertising firms to promote our podcasts. I'm giving it a go this week.
Can I future proof my podcast?
Your podcast is under threat. Not from independents but celebs. So how do you ensure your show doesn't disappear. I've been looking at 3 …
Could I get signed by a big podcast company?
How do you get your podcast signed up by a big company? I wanted to know so I did some research.
How to be a good podcast guest?
Is "Guesting" the best marketing? If it is I need to do it right. In this episode I look at what I need to …

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