Do people really want to make a “successful” podcast?

I’m going to start writing a few thoughts as part of my research. The question that comes to mind today is whether people really want to make a “successful” show? So much of the hype around podcasting is about the “dream” of podcast success. When you study the content online, it has little to doContinue reading “Do people really want to make a “successful” podcast?”

Ep 15 – Podcasting and Time Management

Episode 15 – Full transcript References Gimlet Academy podcast Ari Meisel – The Art of Less Doing (Automated) Full transcript Episode 15 Welcome before I start. Let me just say that I’m going to update you on my search for a guest next week, as well as talk to my first case study on thisContinue reading “Ep 15 – Podcasting and Time Management”

Ep8 – The challenges of making a good story

If having a good story is essential in a podcast how do you actually do that? It’s not as easy as it sounds. Episode 8 is all about the story. Is there a chance that by focusing too much on a good story you could lose all your spontaneity too?

Ep7 – How to find the time for all this

It’s all well and good Gimlet Academy telling us how to make a hit show but when are we ever going to find the time to do what they suggest?

In this episode I look at the problems and a tool to help solving one of these straight away.

Ep6 – Can Gimlet Academy help me crack the hit podcast secret code?

One of the world’s big podcast production companies has revealed their secrets in a podcast series on Spotify. I’ve listened to the entire series. In this episode, I review some of the key lessons which also transforms my approach.

Ep5 – How to grab people’s attention from the first word?

How do podcasters hook you into listening to their episode. The principle is much like a sales pitch. So how do they do it and what are their techniques. In this episode I take a look. (Click to listen)

Ep4 – Don’t listen to what they say, look at what they do

Don’t listen to what I say, look at what I do. It’s a mantra that we should all pay attention to. Instead of reading advice, analyse what others are doing. That’s what I did to try and find out the type of podcasts which would become hits by analysing what other big production companies were making.

Ep3 – Get the logo right before recording anything

Stop stop. Don’t record anything until you’ve listened to this because I’ve realised this week that a podcast logo is almost more important than the audio.

The thing is if people don’t get attracted to your podcast by the artwork they may never even play your episode.

So how do you make sure they do? What lessons can we learn this week?

Ep2 – No really….don’t quit podcasting!

Drink coffee, set big goals, small goals? Think big, think small? How do you make sure you don’t quit podcasting. I was about to yet again as I explained last week. This is week two where I test out techniques to avoid podcast on myself and here’s the thing… the techniques are working?

If you are a podcaster facing podfade or thinking of quitting, or you are about to set up a podcast, then these techniques could make the difference between success and failure. Let me explain in 13 minutes which techniques I’ve found actually work.