The most important question to ask in order to make a successful podcast

What is the first question you need to ask when developing a new podcast?

Before you even start producing a podcast or recording anything, in order to work out how to make a successful podcast, the best thing to do is to put all your equipment away and get out your laptop instead….

Can I book better and better guests? (special)

Can I get better and better guests?

Mike Fisher is an awesome podcaster and so I invited him on my new thread “Cracking the Podcast Code” to pick his brains about explains what he’s learnt going from no podcast to a show with “great” guests in such a short time.

Ep8 – The challenges of making a good story

If having a good story is essential in a podcast how do you actually do that? It’s not as easy as it sounds. Episode 8 is all about the story. Is there a chance that by focusing too much on a good story you could lose all your spontaneity too?

Ep7 – How to find the time for all this

It’s all well and good Gimlet Academy telling us how to make a hit show but when are we ever going to find the time to do what they suggest?

In this episode I look at the problems and a tool to help solving one of these straight away.

Ep6 – Can Gimlet Academy help me crack the hit podcast secret code?

One of the world’s big podcast production companies has revealed their secrets in a podcast series on Spotify. I’ve listened to the entire series. In this episode, I review some of the key lessons which also transforms my approach.

Ep5 – How to grab people’s attention from the first word?

How do podcasters hook you into listening to their episode. The principle is much like a sales pitch. So how do they do it and what are their techniques. In this episode I take a look. (Click to listen)

Ep4 – Don’t listen to what they say, look at what they do

Don’t listen to what I say, look at what I do. It’s a mantra that we should all pay attention to. Instead of reading advice, analyse what others are doing. That’s what I did to try and find out the type of podcasts which would become hits by analysing what other big production companies were making.