The Manual

Under development

Day 1:

Before you start, let’s consider the most likely outcome of your podcast.

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After 8-10 episodes you will stop with podfade. The vast majority of podcasts stop then for a whole variety of reasons.

To make a hit podcast, we need to plan to get through this now.

Podcasting is like a new years resolution. It’s exciting and will change your life, but just like a new years resolution live gets in the way.

Accept the enthusiasm you have now will fade, just like a new years resolution

There is a belief that if you love the topic you’ll find the energy. Actually the real world gets in the way. Loving your topic isn’t enough.

From today, set a stop watch so you do 1 hour maximum on podcasting per day. No if’s no but’s. Stop after 1 hour. Even if you have lots to do. Stop. This way you will never get overwhelmed and be positively desperate to get back to it next day.

“complexity is the enemy of execution” – Tony Robbins

The more complex your idea the more of a guarantee you’ll stop.

Podcasting takes time. Even a simple 1 hour show will take 8 times that to produce, edit, make show notes, etc. That’s 8 hours. Do you really want to add to that workload? Can you?

Day 2 – Make a podcast which is sustainable.

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Document don’t create – Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk pumps out good quality content at a staggering rate. He’s an entrepreneur who has actually done it, not one who claims to have.

If you genuinely living the life of the value proposition you’re giving across simple make a diary and edit it. There is no need to think about content then, to spend hours getting guests. Just live the life and document it.

Can you change your podcast to be easier to produce. For me, I’m adding an introduction and outro and using what I talk about during the week as my shows notes. It’s a document, don’t create formula.

  1. Intro
  2. Monday notes
  3. Tues notes
  4. Wed notes
  5. Thur notes
  6. Fri
  7. Outro