• Can you grow podcast listeners with paid ads?

    Can you grow your podcast listenership with paid adverts?

    I’ve seen a lot of opinions saying adverts don’t work but I’ve also seen opinions saying adverts do work.

    I wanted to know the truth. What were the facts?

    So I conducted a experiment live on YouTube and this is what happened.


  • Editing a hit show (part 1)

    There are 5 hours of audio sitting on my computer which needs editing into a hit show.

    The prospect is daunting.

    I can’t just edit out the ums and errs, I need to edit it in such a way that it becomes a chemically addictive show for the audience.

    So how do you do that without spending months on it and burning yourself out through over work?

    In this week’s episode I look for the shortcuts and hacks that will make editing easier.


    Full transcript here

  • Fixing the show (podcast)

    I’m diving even deeper into the topic of podcast “topics” this week.

    I’m shredding up my own podcast ideas once again as I attempt to emulate the success of the big podcast companies.

    This episode takes me even deeper into one of the topics I touched on last week.

    Plus, this episode might feel different!

    The reason is that I have spent quite a bit of time changing this show based on what I learned last time.

    So the question is, does it “feel” better? Can you tell the difference? Do Gimlet’s techniques actually work? Let me know if you can feel the difference.


    Full transcript and links here

  • Making a podcast unmissable

    Can you make a podcast show that is so appealing to people that they simply can’t help but click play on it? Is it possible?

    I’ve been wondering about the progress of this show “Can I Make A Hit Podcast”. It doesn’t seem to be delivering quite what it originally promised. So can you “repair” a show or start one for the first time that is so addictive people will have to listen?

    In this episode, I look at the techniques from some of the big podcast names to see what they do to make an unmissable show.

    Full transcript and links here

  • Nailing podcast guest interviews

    Guest interviews are a bit like flying an aeroplane. It’s too late to fix them when you are up in the air. It’s all in the preparation.

    This week I set a task to do 4 hours of interviews but I soon began to realise that there was a lot more pressure on me in these interviews than I first thought.

    Full transcript and links here

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